Friday, February 4, 2011

30x30: 3

I wore:
Gap shirt, cords, shoes
Anthropologie necklace

Mornings are the perfect time of day. There's no need for a nap, nothing has happened to muddle your day and there's breakfast. Mmmmm, breakfast.

Unfortunately on Wednesday, I woke up a few minutes later than I typically leave for school. Showering was not an option and neither was taking time to think about what to wear. All of these things have become favorites, so I snatched them on and ran out the door. This was my first time wearing those shoes. I love the little orange pop of color, it is going to transition well into spring!

Anybody else ready to break out the spring wardrobe? 


  1. those shoes are adorable! They will be perfect for spring!!


What's your thought? I know you have at least one!

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