Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interview Day

I wore:
Gap shirt, belt, bag
Anthropologie skirt
Ralph Lauren shoes

Part of me forgot this blog existed until a few days ago. Sorry about that!

Yesterday, I had my first job interview at a local high school. Even though I'm unsure if I want to stay in the area after my lease runs out in July, I was still incredibly nervous about going to the interview! Being in a principal's office is by far one of the most intimidating places to be.

My interview wasn't until 2 pm, so I spent the entire morning panicking, soliciting advice from friends, and googling "typical teaching interview questions." As it turns out, most (if not all) of the questions came from this site

And this is what I wore. I got a somewhat severe sunburn over the weekend on my shoulders, arms, back, knees, and feet, so I had to cover up those tan lines as much as possible. Oh, and my forehead was looking pink as well. So on a 95 degree day, I wore long sleeves. And after the interview, I went out to buy all new sunscreen.
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