Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teaching on the cheap.

I can't even tell you the amount of weird bending I had to do to take this pic. I'm not even sure it was worth it.

I wore:

Target shirt ($9)
Gap skirt ($8)
Target shoes ($20)
Earrings from Belks way back in the day (no idea)

Total: $37

My motive:
I guess it's cheap week day 3 and I didn't even realize it!

Well today my friends, I had a small victory. Last night I was so worried about sleeping late and missing my internship that I woke up periodically through the night. I hate when that happens but it came in useful today when I bolted up at 7:15 to realize I had approximately 12 minutes to get ready. 

In record time I rushed out the door and was even a few minutes early. I love it when I'm awesome,which is awften. (Did you see what I did there? Funny, aren't I?)

A quick question: I wore this skirt today to teach and it looks a lot shorter in these pics than I previously thought. Is it appropriate to wear at school?

Happy Hump Day-ing!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Half man, half woman.

I wore:

Gap jirt (jean shirt, obvi) ($5)
Target skirt ($4.25)
Gap belt ($3)
Target flats ($20)

Total ($32.25)

My motive:

Might as well deem this as cheap week. I got this skirt yesterday because it reminded me of one I saw at Loft and never bought. It took me forever to decide what color to buy and I'm not sure what tipped me over to buy the pink one. I literally have 1 pink cardigan and that's it for the pink in my closet. My other options were army green, cream and gray. 

Today a few people did double-takes because they didn't see that I had on a skirt. It was funny but it also made me question what others think of me if they thought I'd show up to work in just a jean shirt!

A girl in my program today commented that I looked like a man on top and woman on the bottom. I think it was a compliment but the jury's still out. 

Help me think of other ways to wear this! And go buy it because it is redonkulously comfy.

P.S. My hair isn't greasy, it's just wet from the shower. I actually woke up with time to spare this morning!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cheap duds.

I wore: 

Gap v-neck T ($3)
Gap belt ($3)
Loft skirt ($3)
Target shoes ($4.50)

Grand total ($13.50)

My motive:

Today as I was getting dressed, I really just wanted to wear these new shoes I got at Target and put the rest together from that. I've worn this outfit before and it's just plain comfortable. People always say I look fancy wearing it but the joke's on them! It's more comfortable than wearing pajamas. 

So the weather here in NC is always a little temperamental and this week it's especially off its rocker. It goes from 40 to 75 degrees within 24 hours! It's almost impossible to dress for weather like that without being too warm around lunchtime but frigid in the evening. Oh well, I'm not complaining!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ten pages later.

I wore:
Target striped shirt
Gap cardi
Nordstrom earrings
Gap Always Skinny jeans
Target studded flats

My motive:

Lately my closet just hasn't been making me happy. I used to be able to go in and pick something perfect to wear and not worry about it all day. This morning I just put on whatever I liked best out of my clothes and even though it's not perfect, it was still an "okay" outfit.

I just bought these shoes at Target and I LOVE them. They are the perfect shoes for just about anything. I was planning on returning them since I imposed a no shopping regulation on myself for the month of October but they were just too practical and cheap (and remind me of my former neighbor/English buddy Elizabeth).

Also, I have a 10 page paper due and it's beginning to stress me out. It's my first real paper of grad school and as one of the youngest, I feel like I'm constantly proving myself. I was hoping to knock it all out today but instead I decided waste the whole evening.  Maybe tomorrow will be more productive? Here's hoping!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cowboy couture.

I wore:
a Gap jirt (a jean shirt, duh)
Gap cords

My motive:

So I've been dying to wear this shirt but wasn't sure how. It's very thick and not stretchy at all, which makes it a tiny bit uncomfy but  it helps tone down these bright red cords (which I can't quit wearing). The shirt reminds me of the ones my grandpa,  who is a fine dressing cowboy, wears and I like that!

Not taking sides.

I wore:
Gap skinny jeans
a Rafaella cardigan (from T.J. Maxx)
Nine West boots
a belt from J.C. Penney

My motive:

I often wonder what my life would be like if I didn't work a retail job that took up my weekends. The only thing I can figure is I'd have a lot less clothes.

On Saturday, two teams I don't care for played each other in my town and not wanting to pick sides, I wore something that didn't have a hint of either of their colors (purple, gold, red, black). It was tricky considering that's what color 90% of my wardrobe is.

I got this cardigan on clearance at T.J. Maxx and love how Anthro-esque it is! My mom always jokes that I should never buy light colored clothes because I tend to get them dirty. I can't argue with her because 10 minutes after putting this on, a rambunctious avocado jumped out of my hand and onto this cardigan- hence the need for a belt to cover that up since I was already running late for work.

I'm still figuring out other ways to wear this cardigan. Got any ideas?

Falling out of warm weather.

I wore:
a Gap sweater dress
Wal-Mart tights (only $5!)
boots from Target (only $20!)
a scarf from Target (only $3)
a Gap belt (only $5!)
Etienne Aigner bag 

My motive:
In case you haven't already figured it out, I'm a bargain shopper and I love bright colors. I got this dress on super sale at Gap a couple of years ago and it's one of my favorites because of its versatility. I put this on to go to work on Sunday morning at 10 am when it was in the 40s. By the time I left work around 6, it was nearing 70 degrees and I felt a little bit ridiculous.

I bought this orange bag a little while back and struggled to figure out when to use it because most of my purses are boring but this one has a little bit of spice! It's a little too tiny for my liking because I barely have room for my wallet, keys and cell phone but it still perks up an otherwise boring outfit.

I bought these boots over the summer on clearance at Target for $20. I wore them for 11 straight hours, 6 of which I was on my feet, and they were comfortable the whole time despite having a bit of a heel. 

Who else is excited fall weather is finally here??

Friday night football.

I wore:
a Gap (sexy) cardi
J.Crew Outlet skirt
Worthington (I think) tights
Nine West boots

My motive:
The school where I'm student teaching had their homecoming football game and since their colors are navy and gold, I knew this outfit would be perfect! I haven't worn this cardigan before but I have it in another color and love it. Serena wore one very similar on Gossip Girl last season but I'm sure hers cost more than $15.

On a different note, those tights are gray even though the pictures make them look like the color of a bruise when it's in the bluish purple state.

P.S. I've also lately realized that most of the high traffic fashiony bloggers have husbands who are photographers. Those lucky ladies...I'm 90% happy for them and only 10% jealous.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Red hot October.

I wore:
Gap everything. Literally.

My motive:

So these cords came in at the Gap last week and I knew that I had to have them. No if, ands or buts about it.Then when the weather dipped below 70, I knew I had to wear them.

After looking at this picture, I'm a little iffy about them. They emphasize things I don't want emphasized but the color is just so fun! It's called killer tomato. Gap is so creative with their naming.

What do you think? Got any ideas on other ways I can wear them?

No dress code.

I wore:

Gap belt
Old Navy skirt
Delia's plaid button-down

My motive:

So I often give myself too much credit as a reader. My most frequent reads are the J.Crew and Anthropologie catalogues and that comes through in this outfit.

I look like I'm heading off to boarding school when in reality, I'm kind of a grown-up! Oh well, I still liked it. And that skinny belt that I just realized I wear everyday is hands down the most versatile thing I've ever owned. In the past month, I've worn it with dresses, pants and skirts. Is there anything else I could sport it with? Nope, didn't think so.

A bit of France.

I wore:

Target shirt
Target skirt
Target scarf
Gap belt
Ralph Lauren shoes

My motive:

I really loved wearing this! I felt like I was a French girl...trapped in a classroom in the south. Anyway, I've never been one for layering too many things but this wasn't too wild.

Nothing adventurous happened today. I was really hoping to meet someone, fall in love and hop on a jet plane to France. Not so sure that's going to happen, unless some sort of man barges into my apartment. And I sincerely hope that doesn't happen.
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