Monday, February 28, 2011

30x30: 22

I wore: 
Gap shirt, jeans, shoes
Necklace from Wal-Mart

This is what I wore today to stay in the house on Saturday. I felt like a loaf in my pajamas, so in an effort to be more productive, I showered and got dressed. It worked because I ended up reading an entire book, doing loads of schoolwork and cleaning the apartment. 

The necklace I'm wearing is from Wal-Mart and I love it more than anything I've ever found there. My rule for buying jewelry is "would I buy it if it was at Anthropologie?" If the answer is yes, I buy it. If not, I don't. Anthro really knows how to set the bar high.  And it helps that it was only $5, costing less than most things at Anthro when they're 95% off. Score!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

30x30: 21

I wore:
Gap sweater, skirt
? tights
Steve Madden boots

This may be the only time this sweater gets worn in the 30 x 30 because of how warm it's been lately and how warm it's going to be. I wish winter would hang around just a little bit longer because I much more prefer my winter clothes over my summer ones. 

30x30: 20

I wore:
dress from Anthro
Gap belt
Hue tights
Steve Madden boots

I turned 23 in this outfit and enjoyed a surprise party thrown by the girls in my yearbook class. They all brought cookies and decided to call me "CourtCourt" all day in lieu of my teacher name. We had  a lot of fun with the icing on the cookies because it turned everyone's lips blue. 

Later that night, some friends from Raleigh came into town to take me out to dinner. They were my very first visitors since I've moved to Greenville! I loved having them here and wished they could stay longer.

I expected this birthday to be disappointing but it turned out to be one of the best. 


I wore:
Gap shirt, skirt
tights from Target
Steve Madden boots

I unintentionally dressed like Minnie Mouse. How embarrassing is that? 

30x30: 18

I wore:
Gap shirt
Skirt from Anthro
Hue tights
Steve Madden boots

I felt great wearing this! It was the perfect outfit for a day of teaching. Super comfortable and modest but still colorful. One of my biggest "style" fears about teaching this semester was that I would begin to wear boxy shirts and khaki pants. Thank goodness it hasn't come to that.

30x30: 17

I wore: 
Gap shirt, cords
Steve Madden boots
 Scarf- gift from Kelly

Not my favorite outfit but it was the best I could do after waking up late for school. Don't you just hate that feeling?

30x30: 16

I wore:
Gap shirt, belt, shoes
J.Crew Factory skirt

Look ma, no tights! Nothing like 80 degree February.

30x30: 15

I wore: 
Gap shirt, jeans and shoes
Scarf- gift from my cute grandma!

It seems as though I can never stay afloat of everything. If I get ahead in school, my apartment becomes messy and my blog goes unnoticed. If my room is clean, it's a sure sign of procrastination on the other side. 

Keeping that in mind, the past two weeks have been a battle to stay afloat of just two things: going to school and regular showering. This was one of those days that the showering came in last. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

30x30: 14

I wore:
Gap shirt, skirt, shoes
Fossil necklace
? tights

Happy Valentine's Day! Did you have a good one? 

I spent most of it at school and then came home to do some reading. All in all, it was a good day. Not too much pressure and everyone at school was in a fairly good mood (with just a few exceptions). 

Today I did have a lot of things floating around in my mind about things need to be done in the next month. Luckily it's not too much and if I concentrate, they can easily be finished. Teaching is one of the most taxing things I've ever done. Each day when the last bell rings, my body heaves a sigh of relief of surviving one more day.

Today it made me question the way I divvy up my time and the many ways I waste it. This blog was one of the ways I considered as wasting my time but after thinking a little more about it, I began to see it in another light.

I don't write this blog or post pictures for anyone other than myself. There are thousands of "fashion" blogs being posted everyday. Maybe some of those people do it for other reasons but for me, this is more of a journal than an attempt at fame. 

Like many girls, I tend to remember what happened on any given day by recalling what I had on. This blog just keeps my brain a little bit more organized. In college I began a habit of snapping pictures of myself in outfits I really liked as a means of speeding up the getting ready process whenever time was running low and I don't think this blog differs from either of these ideas.

So is a personal style blog a waste of time? Maybe, but not for me.

30x30: 13

I wore:
Gap shirt, cords
Steve Madden boots
? scarf

I wore this on Sunday to do a lot of lounging around my apartment. Then I ventured out to get groceries and came home with a fish. It was the closest thing to a dog that my apartment/roommates would allow

30x30: 12

I wore:
Gap sweater, cords
Loft belt
Lucky desert boots

I need your opinion- do these shoes look okay with these pants that are almost identical in color? Or do I look like a duck? I had this debate going on all day last week when I wore these two together.

30x30: 11

I wore:
Gap shirt, skirt, belt
Steve Madden boots

In an effort to catch up with all the outfit posts, I'm going to keep these next few posts short and sweet.

I wore this skirt and had the most ridiculous static cling situation for the entire day. Another teacher gave me a tip to spray Downy Wrinkle Releaser on the skirt to get rid of that problem. After testing it out, I 100% approve of this method!

30x30: 10

I wore:
J.Crew Factory cardigan
skirt from Anthropologie
Steve Madden boots

 I feel like this pictures show just how jubilant the entire morning was considering it was a half day at school. I was more excited than the students and had my first observation. I passed! They're going to let me keep student teaching. Phew. 

Luckily my university supervisor left just moments before one of my students started questioning me about drugs, which had absolutely nothing to do with what we were talking about. Sometimes the curveballs they throw at me are too much to handle.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I wore:
Gap blazer, blouse, skirt and shoes
Target tights, scarf

When I wore this on Tuesday, it was my first day ever of trying to teach with pharyngitis and a sinus infection. You can imagine how painful it was to speak over 32 high schoolers with that going on. I only lasted for half the day before calling it quits and heading home. But after several days of antibiotics, things are looking up!

I don't know if you can tell but there is the tiniest bit of a stain on the right side of my skirt. Drinking orange juice and walking down stairs simultaneously was not the brightest idea I had. Neither was the idea that followed where I believed the orange juice that I spilled wouldn't be noticeable on the skirt of the same color. I was wrong. World- 1, Courtney- 0

Tuesday was also Blazer Day for EverybodyEverywear. This particular blazer is hands down the most obscure color I've ever encountered. Is it navy? Is it black? The conclusion is that it's blavy and as a result, it goes with everything. World-1, Courtney-1. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I wore:
Scarf, gift from my Grandma
Anthropologie dress
Gap belt
Worthington tights
Steve Madden boots

If I could wear just one thing everyday, it'd be this dress. The length is perfect and it has roomy pockets big enough that I often don't even carry a purse when I wear it. 

I have to tell you the saga that occurred while wearing this on Monday. On Sunday, my throat began burning with an intense fervor that 12 cups of water and a bowl of ice cream couldn't cure. I went to school as usual on Monday but it progressively got worse. 

After school, I went to the doctor where I waited three hours before being seen and missed my first class of grad school. My next round of business was to go get my prescription, which took an additional two hours and I still left prescription-less. By the end of the night I was tired beyond words and fell into bed.

Whew, I'm glad Monday is over.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I wore:
Jessica Simpson scarf
Gap shirt
Anthro skirt
Steve Madden boots

Of course I wore this when it ended up being in the mid-sixties on Sunday. The morning temperature was in the thirties but by noon, it was nearly 65 degrees!

All that to say, I love this skirt. Other than one pair of my boots, it is the most expensive thing in the 30x30 and one of the pricier items in my closet. Lately I've been feeling like spending more on things I love instead of getting more things for less that I don't want to wear. My mom thinks this idea is crazy but it makes getting dressed so much easier when you love what you have, even if it means having less choice. 

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30x30: My Picks

9 Shirts
All from Gap

6 Sweaters:
 Top (L-R) Gap, J.Crew Factory, J.Crew Factory Bottom (L-R) Gap, Gap, Gap 

6 skirts:
J.Crew Factory, Target, Anthropologie, Gap, Gap Gap
(fun fact- the other 5 skirts put together cost less than the one on sale for half off at Anthropologie)

2 pairs of pants:
Gap, Gap

1 Jacket/Blazer:

1 Dress:

5 Shoes/Boots:
(L-R) Lucky brand, Steve Madden, Gap, Steve Madden, Gap

These are my 30 items! It's about time I put the pictures up.

Want to hear something funny? I totally thought I had only picked 29 things and was going to sneakily slide in one more item a couple weeks down the road. Looks like the English major is no expert at counting. Or wearing clothes from other places than Gap. 

And be forewarned that one of the shirts may get switched out for another skirt. So don't go calling the fashion police if you notice anything suspicious. Honest Abe would be so proud of me for telling the truth right now. 

30x30: 6

I wore: 
Gap shirt, jeans
Steve Madden boots

If I had to pick a default outfit, this would be it. There's nothing more comfortable than a pair of broken-in jeans and a loose shirt. Luckily Saturdays are the perfect day for such attire. 

I don't mind waking up early on the weekdays. It feels much more productive than sleeping in  and staying up late to wake up early and get a move on. The downfall of this is waking up early even on the weekends. It's like a slap in the face to all that a weekend symbolizes. 

But then I remember how comfortable my jeans are and get over it.


I wore:
J.Crew Factory skirt and sweater
Gap shirt
Worthington tights
Steve Madden boots

MOM ALERT! If I was a mom, this would be  my uniform. So modest and so warm. Practicality takes the cake in this outfit. 

I walked around all day thinking how much I needed to get a job at Loft. Or a library. It's too bad I didn't wear my glasses or I could have gotten one of those cool chain things whenever I needed to let them hang around my neck.

 Don't worry though, literally every other elderly lady who works at my school told me how nice I looked. I'm looking at it as being someone a guy can take home to mom. Now I just need a boyfriend who has a mom that I can rub elbows with. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

30x30: 4

I wore:
Gap shirt, skirt
Target tights
Steve Madden boots

Can you believe the weekend's over? I can't. 

On Friday, my friend Jasmine and I watched "The Breakfast Club" because she had never seen it. One of our professors really likes to talk about that movie, so we figured she better see it. I forgot how funny it is. Bender, my personal favorite, has some great lines and he also had a look-alike at UNC who I ran into frequently but never spoke to. Regrets, regrets.

There's no good transition so I'll just jump right into the juicy stuff. I got this skirt for $2.50! TWO DOLLARS AND 50 CENTS! It's almost as unbelievable as the weekend being over. I really didn't love this skirt when Gap first got it in because it seemed a little too poofy. After wearing it, I don't feel that way at all and feel like it was such a steal!

Have a happy Monday! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

30x30: 3

I wore:
Gap shirt, cords, shoes
Anthropologie necklace

Mornings are the perfect time of day. There's no need for a nap, nothing has happened to muddle your day and there's breakfast. Mmmmm, breakfast.

Unfortunately on Wednesday, I woke up a few minutes later than I typically leave for school. Showering was not an option and neither was taking time to think about what to wear. All of these things have become favorites, so I snatched them on and ran out the door. This was my first time wearing those shoes. I love the little orange pop of color, it is going to transition well into spring!

Anybody else ready to break out the spring wardrobe? 

30x30: 2

I wore:
Gap sweater, skirt, shoes
tights from Target

I really love waking up every morning to see if my internet is working at the apartment. Some mornings it's so easy to check my email. Other mornings (i.e. every day this week) are not quite as fortunate. It's made teaching this week a whole lot trickier because a lot of the materials I need are saved online. Oh well, here's hoping it works itself out soon.

I wore this on Tuesday. Lately it seems like I've been wearing drab things because I'm stressed and dark things tend to go together without trying. I love colors though, wearing them makes me happier. It's a fact.

Sorry to bring up teaching again but goodness, it has been a week. This was my first week of teaching and my clinical teacher was gone for more than half of it due to a family emergency. When I found out I was going to be on my own with more than 60 high schoolers when I'm still under rookie status, it became evident that colors were going to be my saving grace.

Green to the rescue!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30x30: 1

I wore:
J.Crew Factory cardigan
Gap shirt, cords
Steve Madden boots

I'm about 3 days behind on posting, so here we go! I think I'm doing the 30 for 30 BUT I have this intense feeing that it's going to turn into 30 for whatever I feel like. I think the no shopping part of it will go off as planned, though.

I wore this to school today and it is literally the school uniform the kids have to wear. I got stopped by so many teachers for being in the hallways and the students in yearbook made sure to remind me that I looked like one of them. Awesome.

So this is outfit 1. Hello February!

P.S. Hopefully I'll be posting pics of my 30 items in the next couple of days. School has been hectic this week.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Double dots.

I wore:
Gap shirt
Target skirt, tights
Steve Madden boots
Scarf, gift 

I wore this last Friday to school and it was a good day. Later I threw on my favorite jeggings and went out to celebrate (commemorate?) the closing of the Gap store where I worked. I love this color but don't wear it often. Now that spring's here, I'm hoping to wear a lot more colors!

P.S. Hannah, is this considered a jewel tone?
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