Friday, February 11, 2011


I wore:
Gap blazer, blouse, skirt and shoes
Target tights, scarf

When I wore this on Tuesday, it was my first day ever of trying to teach with pharyngitis and a sinus infection. You can imagine how painful it was to speak over 32 high schoolers with that going on. I only lasted for half the day before calling it quits and heading home. But after several days of antibiotics, things are looking up!

I don't know if you can tell but there is the tiniest bit of a stain on the right side of my skirt. Drinking orange juice and walking down stairs simultaneously was not the brightest idea I had. Neither was the idea that followed where I believed the orange juice that I spilled wouldn't be noticeable on the skirt of the same color. I was wrong. World- 1, Courtney- 0

Tuesday was also Blazer Day for EverybodyEverywear. This particular blazer is hands down the most obscure color I've ever encountered. Is it navy? Is it black? The conclusion is that it's blavy and as a result, it goes with everything. World-1, Courtney-1. 

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