Saturday, February 26, 2011

30x30: 21

I wore:
Gap sweater, skirt
? tights
Steve Madden boots

This may be the only time this sweater gets worn in the 30 x 30 because of how warm it's been lately and how warm it's going to be. I wish winter would hang around just a little bit longer because I much more prefer my winter clothes over my summer ones. 


  1. hah! i know what you mean--i LOVE layering and wintery thickness & warmth in clothes. but i love non-sub-zero temps, too, so i guess it all evens out. :)
    love this ensemble. you look adorble.
    -brittney (fellow remixer)

  2. Love this skirt! It'll be so easy to translate it to spring with a little tank top and some flats - jealous!


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