Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame.

I wore:
Old Navy- skirt
Target- shoes

My motive:

Well you know how I don't like to change clothes. Once I am dressed for the day, it's over. No more changing! I had class this day and knew I was doing something social (rare here in Greenville), so I dressed for the social part instead of the just going to class with old people part.

I ended up going to a baseball game in this and felt perfectly dressed...like an American flag. But it is baseball, the All American sport.

I've had a hankering for shirts that aren't t-shirts but aren't dress shirts either. Lucky for me this guy was on sale and met my pre-reqs. My typical standards: cheap & awesome.

Paris chic

I wore:
A Target shirt
Gap skirt
Gap belt
Target shoes

My motive:
Sorry for the lack of posts- I've been busy with school and moving. But I have been wearing clothes to do all that, don't you worry!

I always feel a little bit like a French girl in this shirt, I don't know what it is. It makes me want to travel a lot more than any of my other clothes and even prompted me to buy some stuff the other day that I thought would look good when I went to France. It took me a little while to remember that I have no money and no real plans to go to France. Oh well, I guess this is a good outfit for dreaming about going to France.

This skirt came with a ribbon belt made of the same material as the skirt but I changed it up. Not sure which one looked better but that skirt is a gem. Unlike that picture where I wasn't ready for the timer and appear to be on the verge of flying away. Whoops!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15, 2010

I wore:
An Old Navy dress
TOMS shoes
A Gap belt
Straightened hair c/o Pantene Pro-V and ConAir

My Motive:

I'm trying to start a hipster club in Greenville. Turns out, nobody wants in and wearing a plaid dress doesn't make me cool. I bought this dress at Old Navy for less than $20 last fall and have worn it through all the seasons since. My only problem is that the bottom button tends to pop open, making me look a little sketchy.

Oh well, hipsters do as they jolly well please.

July 13, 2010

I wore:
A dress from Anthropologie
Gap sandals

My motive:

I had to give my first presentation today in my psychology class and needed to look professional. I bought this dress on a whim in May and it has to be the most useful piece of clothing I own. It's perfect for just about everything, including days when I need to look a little bit more polished or days when i want to be comfortable.

I usually hate khaki because it makes me look so pale. I even made a pact with myself never to conform to khaki pants. You know what I mean- those default khaki pants that every teacher/businesswoman/employed woman has and wears just because they are there. This dress breaks the mold. I think the pattern is what really does it!

Moral of the story: I like-like this dress. (the middle school way to say that I have a crush on it)

July 12, 2010

I wore:
A romper(!) from Francesca's
Gap sandals
Gap cardigan
Earrings from Light Years

My motive:

I've been waking up late a lot this week. I don't know what it is but I just cannot make myself get out of bed in the mornings. If it was up to me, I'd be in pajamas all day long. However, it is not up to me and I love clothes a little too much to limit myself to old t-shirts and gyms shorts.

A romper, though, is almost as comfortable as pjs. The only downfall of a it is how long it takes to use the restroom seeing as how you have to get fully undressed. It's like being a kid again!

This guy got a LOT of attention today. A guy in a banana suit approached me while I was minding my own business and then half an hour later, a girl gave me a flower because she liked the romper so much. Not to bring high school math into this but IF you wear a romper, THEN you will get hit on by fruity men and flowery girls.

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 11, 2010

I wore:
a J.Crew Outlet top
a Gap belt
a Gap skirt
Gap shoes

My motive:

Well today I had my first day of work at the Gap here in Greenville, so I wanted to Gap it up more than usual. I bought this skirt a few weeks ago and was excited to see it on one of my favorite style blogs. I stole her idea of wearing it with a big belt and just threw on this ruffled henley from J. Crew Outlet.

Unfortunately the shirt has sleeves that are just too big. They are an awkward length and I really feel like I could fit both my arms into one sleeve. Not that I would because that's not fashion, it's just weird. So I cuffed the sleeves and made them appear to be a better elbow, as opposed to 5/6, length.

July 9, 2010

I wore:
Gap top
J.Crew shorts
Urban Outfitters sandals

My motive:
I spent the day in class and running errands, so I didn't necessarily want to be too dressy but I also hate wearing t-shirts. I felt just as comfortable in this as I would wearing t-shirt.

Besides my latest urges to look a little more professional, I've also still been in the spirit of July 4th and wanting to wear patriotic colors as much as possible- hence the red, white and blue shirt.

July 8, 2010

I wore:
Target shirt
Gap Shorts
Light Years necklace
Gap shoes

My motive:

Mustard yellow is my favorite color to wear year-round. And that shirt from Target goes with just about everything. I love the way black and oatmeal stripes look with yellow. I felt like I looked a little bit French...which made me want to visit the Eiffel tower and eat crepes. Ah, maybe one day.

July 7, 2010

I wore:
Gap black t-shirt
J.Crew linen shorts
Gap sandals

My Motive:

I hated wearing this today. I feel like wearing black means giving up, especially when that black comes from a boring black t-shirt. Waking up late has been my new thing and I think this outfit (if you can even call it that) shows it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010

I wore:
H&M top
Gap skinny jeans
Gap Sandals
Light Years earrings

My motive:

I just bought this shirt yesterday for $10! I love H&M. I've been feeling like all I do is wear t-shirts and this blog has only affirmed that, so I was excited to find this shirt in all its colorful floral patterned glory. And it has a bow! Such a good, cheap thrill.

Here's the skinny on my jeans: These are much too short for me (like middle school girl syndrome) but cuffing them is my trick for the summer and tucking them into boots works in the winter.

July 5, 2010

I wore:
A romper from J.C. Penney
Sandals from the Gap
Bag from Gap
Bangle from Ten Thousand Villages

My motive:

I wear this when I want to have a good day. Because honestly, how can you not have a good day when you are wearing one of the most comfortable things ever made in one of the most vibrant colors I've ever seen? The only downfall of this cute guy is that I can never get the button open in the back, making taking it on and off very tricky. This is really only a problem when I need to use the bathroom. Other than that, it's like wearing joy.

I used to be a freak about matching. But now I'm a freak about wearing as many colors as possible. Wearing orange sandals with an electric blue romper just seemed like the right choice.

July 3, 2010

What I wore:
Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt
Old Navy skirt
Gap belt
Flip-flops by Havianas

My Motive:
Today just continued my red, white and blue shenanigans. When I walked up to the cookout that night a friend said "Whoa, you're super patriotic." Mission accomplished.

I thought this shirt would be perfect because a) it's red and white stripes and b) it's by Tommy Hilfiger, who is highly patriotic. The skirt is a default for me because it goes with just about everything. Unfortunately it stretched a little and so now I have to wear a belt with it. I kinda like it though.

This belt is slowly falling apart. I got it for about $5 at the Gap last year and I think I've worn it at least twice a week since then. It's perfect for belting dresses and skirts when they need some extra pizzazz.

Flip-flops. I understand that I should like them but I just don't. Whenever I wear them, I never feel like my outfit is complete. Sure, wearing them to the pool is great and practical but it doesn't feel right to throw them on with jeans. A lot of people do it and it looks fine, even great, but I just don't feel good in them.

July 2, 2010

I wore:
A thrifted t-shirt
Gap jorts
Target striped shoes
Banana Republic Outlet sunglasses

My Motive:

My theme for the weekend was red, white and blue to celebrate the 4th! I spent all morning babysitting my nephew and then headed over to a friend's house for a cookout. I honestly didn't care how I looked as long as I had America's colors on me!

I bought this t-shirt from Goodwill sometime in high school. It's served me well over the years and I don't really feel sloppy when I wear it, which is my main concern with wearing t-shirts.

I felt very patriotic in my cutoff jorts and a t-shirt. And by patriotic, I think I mean redneck. For some reason though, the 4th of July makes me have a strong pride in all things Ahmurican.

July 1, 2010

I wore:
Gap shorts
Gap flower t-shirt
Striped shoes from Target
Gap Messenger Bag

My Motive:

I LOVE mustard yellow. It's absolutely my favorite color. I also have a love for stripes and slip-on comfy flats. These shorts are so strange. I bought them a size down and they are still very baggy and tend to look like a saggy diaper in the back, which I only partly blame on their size. My lack of a behind is not innocent in that situation.

The shirt is somewhat strange as well. The flower in the middle distracts me because it is very heavy and almost feels like a 3rd boob. Sorry if that's TMI but aren't you sorry that a shirt could make anyone feel that way?

The shoes are my new favorites! So comfortable and funky. They go with more than I thought they would when I got them.

The picture is in a grocery store where a friend and I were on the hunt for Cheerwine Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. This is the last place we looked before giving up. My face shows how disappointed I was.

June 30, 2010

I wore:
An Old Navy t-shirt
Gap skinny jeans
Toms shoes
Anchor necklace from Light Years

My Motive:

This is my official go-to summer outfit: cuffed skinny jeans, slip-on kicks and a v-neck pocket tee. I woke up a little bit late for class and this was the first thing I found to throw on and run out the door to catch the bus.

It's not the cutest thing but its perfect for just going to class.
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