Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 3, 2010

What I wore:
Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt
Old Navy skirt
Gap belt
Flip-flops by Havianas

My Motive:
Today just continued my red, white and blue shenanigans. When I walked up to the cookout that night a friend said "Whoa, you're super patriotic." Mission accomplished.

I thought this shirt would be perfect because a) it's red and white stripes and b) it's by Tommy Hilfiger, who is highly patriotic. The skirt is a default for me because it goes with just about everything. Unfortunately it stretched a little and so now I have to wear a belt with it. I kinda like it though.

This belt is slowly falling apart. I got it for about $5 at the Gap last year and I think I've worn it at least twice a week since then. It's perfect for belting dresses and skirts when they need some extra pizzazz.

Flip-flops. I understand that I should like them but I just don't. Whenever I wear them, I never feel like my outfit is complete. Sure, wearing them to the pool is great and practical but it doesn't feel right to throw them on with jeans. A lot of people do it and it looks fine, even great, but I just don't feel good in them.

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