Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 5, 2010

I wore:
A romper from J.C. Penney
Sandals from the Gap
Bag from Gap
Bangle from Ten Thousand Villages

My motive:

I wear this when I want to have a good day. Because honestly, how can you not have a good day when you are wearing one of the most comfortable things ever made in one of the most vibrant colors I've ever seen? The only downfall of this cute guy is that I can never get the button open in the back, making taking it on and off very tricky. This is really only a problem when I need to use the bathroom. Other than that, it's like wearing joy.

I used to be a freak about matching. But now I'm a freak about wearing as many colors as possible. Wearing orange sandals with an electric blue romper just seemed like the right choice.

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