Monday, July 12, 2010

July 11, 2010

I wore:
a J.Crew Outlet top
a Gap belt
a Gap skirt
Gap shoes

My motive:

Well today I had my first day of work at the Gap here in Greenville, so I wanted to Gap it up more than usual. I bought this skirt a few weeks ago and was excited to see it on one of my favorite style blogs. I stole her idea of wearing it with a big belt and just threw on this ruffled henley from J. Crew Outlet.

Unfortunately the shirt has sleeves that are just too big. They are an awkward length and I really feel like I could fit both my arms into one sleeve. Not that I would because that's not fashion, it's just weird. So I cuffed the sleeves and made them appear to be a better elbow, as opposed to 5/6, length.

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