Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15, 2010

I wore:
An Old Navy dress
TOMS shoes
A Gap belt
Straightened hair c/o Pantene Pro-V and ConAir

My Motive:

I'm trying to start a hipster club in Greenville. Turns out, nobody wants in and wearing a plaid dress doesn't make me cool. I bought this dress at Old Navy for less than $20 last fall and have worn it through all the seasons since. My only problem is that the bottom button tends to pop open, making me look a little sketchy.

Oh well, hipsters do as they jolly well please.


  1. I tried this dress on and apparently I just can't pull it off like Coco! There are no hipsters in Charlotte either. Maybe you can start a branch of Weaver Street Market?

  2. You make me hard wearing that dress, just jacked off to this picture


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