Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Half man, half woman.

I wore:

Gap jirt (jean shirt, obvi) ($5)
Target skirt ($4.25)
Gap belt ($3)
Target flats ($20)

Total ($32.25)

My motive:

Might as well deem this as cheap week. I got this skirt yesterday because it reminded me of one I saw at Loft and never bought. It took me forever to decide what color to buy and I'm not sure what tipped me over to buy the pink one. I literally have 1 pink cardigan and that's it for the pink in my closet. My other options were army green, cream and gray. 

Today a few people did double-takes because they didn't see that I had on a skirt. It was funny but it also made me question what others think of me if they thought I'd show up to work in just a jean shirt!

A girl in my program today commented that I looked like a man on top and woman on the bottom. I think it was a compliment but the jury's still out. 

Help me think of other ways to wear this! And go buy it because it is redonkulously comfy.

P.S. My hair isn't greasy, it's just wet from the shower. I actually woke up with time to spare this morning!

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