Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday night football.

I wore:
a Gap (sexy) cardi
J.Crew Outlet skirt
Worthington (I think) tights
Nine West boots

My motive:
The school where I'm student teaching had their homecoming football game and since their colors are navy and gold, I knew this outfit would be perfect! I haven't worn this cardigan before but I have it in another color and love it. Serena wore one very similar on Gossip Girl last season but I'm sure hers cost more than $15.

On a different note, those tights are gray even though the pictures make them look like the color of a bruise when it's in the bluish purple state.

P.S. I've also lately realized that most of the high traffic fashiony bloggers have husbands who are photographers. Those lucky ladies...I'm 90% happy for them and only 10% jealous.

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