Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 13, 2010

I wore:
A dress from Anthropologie
Gap sandals

My motive:

I had to give my first presentation today in my psychology class and needed to look professional. I bought this dress on a whim in May and it has to be the most useful piece of clothing I own. It's perfect for just about everything, including days when I need to look a little bit more polished or days when i want to be comfortable.

I usually hate khaki because it makes me look so pale. I even made a pact with myself never to conform to khaki pants. You know what I mean- those default khaki pants that every teacher/businesswoman/employed woman has and wears just because they are there. This dress breaks the mold. I think the pattern is what really does it!

Moral of the story: I like-like this dress. (the middle school way to say that I have a crush on it)

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