Monday, November 29, 2010

A side of surprise.

 I wore:

I know what you were thinking when you saw that first picture...BORING. But then you got to the next couple and realized my shirt had a zipper on the side- a zipper that was partially unzipped. If it wasn't for that white t-shirt, you might have been able to see my belt loops. How daring! How risque!

I wore this last week at some point. I honestly don't remember when or where because the past week has been a complete blur! However, my day probably involved work, class and a bit of studying at Barnes & Noble- my standard/classic/staple kind of day.

This shirt is kind of funky and I love the thicker material it's made of but my goodness, that zipper would not stay down at all. Apparently gravity has no effect on this shirt. It does, however, have an effect on me. I fall down a lot for an adult.  I fell down TWICE on Black Friday. The first incident happened around 5:30 am at work. Nobody would have seen if I hadn't screamed right before my knees hit the ground. Then that night around 11 pm, I tripped over somebody else's feet and fell right down again. I also walked into a table and bruised my hip. 

This weekend really took a toll on me. But I'm not glad it's over.

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