Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29, 2010

I wore a:

J.Crew t-shirt
Gap skirt
Gap belt
Gap shoes

My motive:

Can you tell I work at Gap? Most days I don't feel too Gapped out but this outfit would plead otherwise. The belt was my favorite part of the outfit- it's 2 skinny belts bound together. The skirt actually came with a sash made of the same material but it made the skirt look even more poofy, which wasn't something I wanted. Even though the skirt is from Gap's summer line, it looks more like an autumn item. I'm excited to wear it with tights, boots and cardigans in the fall.

All I did today was go to class and run a few errands. Being in grad school makes me want to dress a little more professionally than I have been, so this outfit was perfect. It still kept me cool in the ninety-degree weather but also didn't make me feel underdressed. I'm one of the youngest people in my program, so looking more "mature" is a goal. Not old, mind you, just a little less young.

I have a hard time wearing some pale, neutral colors on top but because the skirt had a small pattern and the shoes were bright, it made up for the oatmeal color. I love these shoes and despite their strange color, they go with almost everything.

I should go ahead and apologize for the terrible picture. Moving to a new town all by yourself makes a self-timer your new bff.

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