Thursday, December 2, 2010

Purple rain.

I wore:
Gap jirt (jean shirt)
Target belt
J.Crew Factory skirt
Nine West boots

Usually my mother and I do not like the same things. She has to buy entire outfits instead of individual pieces. I'm the opposite- a mixer and a matcher. But she picked out this skirt for me and I love it! The purple is a great color and it's a bit more casual than my other pencil skirt.

In true form, however, she also picked out a mustard yellow cardigan and a scarf to tie it all together for me. I had to return the cardigan but I doubt they would have ever gotten worn together anyway. 

We got a lot of other great things this weekend too but my mom is literally keeping it all under wraps as most of it is for Christmas. My mom has the most willpower when it comes to not letting me have gifts early. It sure makes for a good Christmas Eve when I'm finally allowed to rip into them!

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