Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Copy Cat: Bomber Jackets

I love when women wear bomber jackets. Wearing one appears to be the easiest way to look like a total badass without carrying around weaponry. 

Here's a bomber jacket from J.Crew that comes in at $1,195. OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A JACKET?! No way, Jose...even if it is a beautiful sight.

J.Crew Air Bomber Jacket: $1,195.00

I've searched around for a similar jacket and found several other options. Target is selling one in stores (but not online) for $34.99. The only downfall is that it's thin, which is only fair considering that it costs 1/34 of the J.Crew option.

Another option is the Zip Front Smocked PU Bomber from Delia's for $49.50. I know what you're thinking. I know Delia's is where you got all those weird graphic Ts in middle school with cheeky phrases printed on them but it appears Delia's grew of that stage and started making things more appropriate for people over the age of 14.  

Delia's Zip Front Smocked PU Bomber jacket: $49.50


  1. Love this. Mainly your opening two sentences. So great.


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