Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outlaw on the run.

I wore: 
Gap skinny jeans and t-shirt
Nine West boots
a Target scarf
earrings from Nordstrom

My motive:
The past week hasn't been altogether stressful but it hasn't been quite so fun either. Most of my time has been spent trying to get ahead/caught up on all the work I've been procrastinating against all semester.

This is the first year that I'll be missing Thanksgiving with my family and most importantly, midnight shopping with my mom at the outlets. I'm thankful that this will most likely be my last year working a retail job. It's been fun but it's almost time to cut that cord.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with what I'm wearing. To be honest, today was the first day since last week that I tried to spice it up. And apparently my spice makes me look like a cowboy or an outlaw and less like a sailor or at least that's what a girl in class said today. I think it was a compliment but I'm not entirely sure.

Happy early weekend!

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