Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oxford style.


I wore:

a scarf from a little shop in Oxford
Gap gray shirt

My motive:

Here's the thing- I've wanted a pair of oxford shoes since last year but thought they were too mannish for me to pull off. Then I saw Serena and Blair wearing them on Gossip Girl and knew I had to have 'em. Despite friends who disagreed with me on their cuteness, I ordered them online only to find out after it was too late that they had been shipped to my old address. So finally, after 5 weeks, I finally got them and wore them!

And since they're oxfords, I decided to be secretly ironic and wear a scarf I bought while in Oxford, England a few years back. Sounds pretentious, doesn't it?

Today these shoes got some looks/comments. My two favorite ones being "Hey, look at you wearing man shoes!" and "You look like you're about to tap dance in those. When's the show?" These small town snarks need to chill because if characters in teenage dramas like to wear oxfords, then so do I!

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