Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Solid mix.

I wore:
Target scarf
J. Crew factory sweater
Target skirt
____ tights
Steve Madden boots

Today was a grab and go kinda day where I just threw on whatever wasn't wrinkled after getting out of the shower. From the sounds of stomping around my apartment this morning, I wasn't the only one who hit the snooze one too many times.

Want to hear something funny? Nothing funny  happened today. The only time I remember laughing was at dinner when the most patriotically dressed toddler I've ever seen did a sort of jig-type of dance when his parents weren't looking. Other than that, it was a mundane day. 

Something else to talk about: how many books there are in this world. Today while planning for next semester in the library, it hit me that I will never be able to read all the books. My friend Abby has a goal of reading 65 books this year, which is incredible. But even at that rate, you couldn't read everything there was to read. 

On that note, I have to finish my reading in prep for the new semester!


What's your thought? I know you have at least one!

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