Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yesterday's brother.

I wore:
Gap sweatshirt
J.Crew Factory scarf
J.Crew cords
Steve Madden boots

Guys, guess what I did today? Well, I vowed not to shop anymore and then went to Target. I had my first setback where I purchased 2 dresses, 2 shirts and a skirt. Altogether it was $34, so I don't feel too guilty. 

And I also bought what I thought was red lipgloss. It was lipstain. Lipstain that has stayed on my lips for about 6 hours. I put it on in the parking lot because I was excited to have subtle red lips but there was NOTHING subtle about this stuff. Nobody's going to ask if maybe it's me, they'll definitely know it's Maybelline!

And now I'm sitting in my living room waiting on the repairman that was supposed to be here about 3 hours ago. Guess my sink will stay broken one more day.

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