Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brown and black...and green

I wore:
Gap silk shirt
Loft belt
Gap black skinny jeans
Gap sandals
Necklace that is about a million years old

My motive:

Do you remember in high school when you would save your "best" outfit for Friday? Because for some reason on Fridays, you suddenly found the energy to wake up with enough time to maybe even put on some mascara and something other than a t-shirt and jeans.

Well today, I felt the same way. I bought this shirt earlier this week at Gap because I wanted something other than t-shirts or button-downs. I usually don't wear dark green because my high school and early college days of working at the Fresh Market and wearing hunter green oversized polos tucked into jeans scarred me.

I couldn't decide if it would look better with brown or black- so I put on both. What do you think? Can you mix brown and black?

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