Saturday, August 14, 2010

In the 90s.

I wore:
Gap top
Gap belt
Gap skinny jeans
Gap braided belt
Gap sandals

My motive:
So guys, do I even really need to put where my clothes are from most of the time? Probably not. I really do amaze myself with just how much Gap stuff I can manage to wear at any give time. Anyway, I wore this to work today in the hot humidity. I had to throw on a cardigan with it for work but that thing came off the second I clocked out for the day.

I love skinny jeans. I think they look good on 99% of women (and men, for that matter). These are some of my favorite skinny jeans but are by no means the most comfortable. Most of the jeans at Gap are soft and comfortable. These don't have the give that the rest of my jeans seem to have but I love them nonetheless.

I'm getting bored of my wardrobe right now. Hopefully when fall comes, it'll be a little bit more exciting. Cardigans, tights, boots, oh my!

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