Monday, August 9, 2010

Exam Day

I wore:
A Gap dress
Old Navy Belt
Gap sandals

My motive:
Last week when I wore this, I couldn't stop smiling. By 4 pm, I was going to be done with summer school and able to finally get adequate sleep on top of that. What a good day it was!

Our exam was uber easy and we had cookies to celebrate. That's the way grad students do it.

I bought this dress last year and haven't worn it at all this summer for a reason. The style of the dress puffs out a little at the front where the seams end, giving a somewhat "baby belly bump" look. An old lady called me out on that some time last September by asking when I was due. Girls LOVE being asked that.

Anyway, I finally got over my fear of being mistaken for someone pregnant and gave it another go. This time putting a belt with it to spice it up a bit. And thwart anybody from buying me a gender-neutral baby gift.


What's your thought? I know you have at least one!

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